A Poem for ME Awareness Week

This poem was written by one of our patients. It shows the sad reality of life with severe ME. This is why we do what we do: to help people like Sheila.


I have traffic lights inside my head
Dread the day when it stays on red
At present it jumps from green to red
And sadly all my days are spent in bed
I’ve loss count of the months and days
That I’ve struggled in so many ways
And scared of my own decisions
I cry out for some one to listen
But sadly there’s no one but myself
It’s the very darkest, deepest place
One can sadly ever travel alone
A journey with so many moans
Sleep isn’t even a welcome friend
And every new day only brings
Having to face the battle again
Anger, pain, it gets harder to hide
And the feelings bottled up inside
I often cry now what else can I do
I used to think I was so strong
Now it’s a struggle just to hold on
Just to make it through the day
Without ending up in a worse way
It seems this struggle is always here
It’s already been here for half a year
And I feel like I’m on a roller coaster
Continually going up and down
Still smiling but with many frowns
So little energy, wanting my bed
Legs and arms that feel like lead
Cluttered mind, cluttered thinking
Heavy heart, feel like I’m sinking
Wishing this was just a bad dream
As each day I live, the pain consumes
Feel what sanity I have left is doomed
I pray and wish this all wasn’t so real
That I’d come out better and may heal
As life now seems more like a prison
Trapped, caged, alone, left inside
Not knowing how long this will last
I hope and pray this will soon pass.


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