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About us

“The ME Trust is speaking up for people who often literally can’t speak for themselves.”

Hannah Clifton, Founder

What we do

At the ME Trust we understand how difficult it can be to find good clinical advice and support. We are working to ensure that everyone affected by ME/CFS has access to diagnosis, treatment and care.

Our Clinical Team

Every member of our team has experience in journeying alongside those with ME, acknowledging that each person has individual needs and stories as they endeavour to find health again.

The ME Trust Approach

The ME Trust is committed to a belief in ME as a very real biological illness. We fully support research into the biological causes of the illness and are currently encouraging our patients to sign up to the new BioBank research study.

We aim to treat the physical symptoms of ME with medical advice and intervention, nursing care and physiotherapy. We also acknowledge that any long term illness can have psychological effects, and we therefore offer counselling, emotional support and spiritual direction for people who find that helpful.

This is the model of whole person care which is fundamental to the activities of the ME Trust.

Our vision

To bring hope and transformational care to all affected by ME/CFS.

We aim to transform the landscape of service provision so that accessible, expert, patient-led care is available across the UK for all those who need it.

Our mission

To provide multi-disciplinary care and support based on individual needs.

We focus on delivering services directly to people with ME/CFS, their carers and family. We do this in a variety of ways in order to reach people nationwide with all levels of severity of ME.

Our values

All of our work is shaped and
characterised by our core values.

Our Strategy 2020-2021

We have recently reviewed the work we have done towards our previous strategy for 2018-21. Our new strategy for 2021-24 will be published in 2021.

Our interim strategy for 2020-21 is available to download here.