Counselling and Emotional Support

When you are referred for counselling or emotional support, you will be contacted by a counsellor who will offer a free 15-minute telephone conversation with you. This one/off session is designed to explore your particular circumstances in order to get an understanding of how best to help you.

Counselling Service

  • These sessions are both supportive and therapeutic in nature: they may include strategies and goals on how to deal with depression and anxiety or managing difficult emotions and behaviours
  • Sessions are weekly or fortnightly and are booked into the diary on a regular basis
  • Counselling may be time-limited or ongoing

Emotional Support

  • These sessions are supportive in nature and the emphasis is on listening and offering emotional and practical support
  • They are on request
  • They are open-ended not limited to any number of sessions
  • In any week, after the 15 minute initial appointment, you can phone, email or text the counsellor and request a session for that particular week. Each session will be only on request from you. The counsellor will not schedule regular weekly/fortnightly/monthly sessions.

Things that will be discussed during the 15 minute initial free session are:

What is your preferred way of communicating for the moment?

Phone / Skype

Length of sessions:

Up to 15 min – up to 30 min – up to 50 min


Weekly – fortnightly – on request

What do you see as the focus of the sessions for
the moment?

  • Need to talk
  • Strategies, ways to cope better
  • Combination of the two

Any particular needs to be taken into account.

The counsellor contacts you at the agreed time for your sessions. If the counsellor does not get a response, he/she will leave a message and phone again 5 minutes later. If the counsellor does not get a response to the second call, then he/she will leave a second message inviting you to contact him/her again at another time.


  • Up to 1 hour £44
  • Up to 30 minutes £22

Cancellation of appointment: – 24 hours’ notice of cancellation is requested. The
counsellors reserve the right to charge 50% of the fee should less notice be given.