Our Christmas Bursary Appeal 2021

People with severe ME/CFS are often unable to work and rely on benefits or the generosity of family and friends to survive. Contact with the ME Trust is a lifeline for many. Our clinical team provides individual, whole person care – physically, emotionally, and spiritually – for people who are often isolated and alone. The Bursary Fund helps people by subsidising up to 50% of the fees we charge.

We know how much it means to a person with ME/CFS to get help and support when they are feeling at their most vulnerable:

“Thank you for your continued support […] by understanding that ME is a continued struggle and that my income has drastically reduced, the bursary allows me to get the help I need while being able to afford the care.” 

Here you can find out how to make a donation.

Please note that all donations to this bursary fund will continue to be used to provide bursary support after our merger with Action for ME.