Read our patient feedback

“Every person I have spoken with from the Trust offers such compassion. Thank you.”

The doctor was empathetic, attentive at listening fully, and understood that I had to communicate on my mum’s behalf as she isn’t able to, and was very easy to talk to.”

“It was very uplifting and comforting speaking to the counsellor this morning. It made my wife and I feel that there is someone who fully understands and is prepared to help our beautiful long suffering daughter. Thank you for sending through your information and attachments which are very helpful and informative.”

“The physio sessions are so helpful. If I am on my own, I can’t see my way through, but when the physio breaks it down it can sound quite simple. It is so helpful to have someone who understands the situation.”

The chaplain gave me the opportunity to be listened to, heard, respected in what I needed to say, by a non-judgemental person outside of my everyday life.”

“Thanks so much for the call with the nurse … it’s nice to speak to someone who genuinely gets it and cares.”

“The doctor’s appointment was really helpful. It was so good to have an informed opinion and she showed great understanding.”

“Firstly, thank you for your kindness on our call. As you heard, there is a lot going on for me and you were patient and generous. To have the financial challenges relieved a bit by the bursary is a huge gift. As you know it has been difficult for me to ask, and I am really thankful to the Trust for helping in this way.”