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Patient Stories

Burrswood Hospital Stories

Jo, Kareen, Anne and Jessica all benefitted from the ME Trust’s whole person care approach when they were treated at Burrswood Hospital in Kent. Since Burrswood closed its facility for patients with ME, the ME Trust has been offering whole person care through telephone consultations, home visits and a limited number of face to face clinic appointments.

“The ME Trust has provided me with ongoing expert support with managing my ME…I’ve had regular access to an understanding GP who has given me sensible and helpful advice covering medication, pacing and symptom management. It’s such a relief to be able to talk to a clinician who actually understands the condition… I’ve not had a miracle recovery but thanks to the ME Trust I now feel hopeful for the future where I had once only felt despair.”

J, ME Trust Patient

Jo L’s Story

I have been unwell since 2006. I was bed bound for months at a time and eventually in 2010 became completely bed bound. Life is very challenging. I need care …

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Kareen’s Story

Kareen’s story of hope after 18 years of struggle “I had been bedbound at home with ME/CFS for 18 years. After pleading with my doctor for hospital care, I was …

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Anne’s Story

Anne’s journey to recovery from long-term severe ME “I have been very fortunate to stay at Burrswood hospital twice, and both occasions marked a significant turning point for me. In …

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Jessica’s Story

Jessica was diagnosed with ME at the age of 14. She has endured pain, exhaustion, muscle and joint pain, poor concentration and headaches. She says, ‘I have spent almost a …

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