Before she had ME, Alison had a job, played golf and tennis, socialised with her friends and led a normal active family life. She became ill after a trip to the Far East where she picked up a virus. She thought she had recovered but then she started to have symptoms – numbness in her legs and unexplained chest pain. Her GP took several months to diagnose ME but couldn’t offer any treatment. Alison’s symptoms worsened and unable to tolerate light and sound or human company, she became very isolated and depressed.

Alison reached out for help to the ME Trust. She described her first consultation with the Doctor as “Fantastic! – to be talking to someone who knew exactly how I was feeling” With his help she began to make small steps which led her back to health – just by pulling back the blinds by one more inch each day, by the end of a month she was able to tolerate light and sounds.   She began to walk a short distance, immediately going back to bed to rest afterwards.

Gradually she began to recover, helped by regular consultations with the Doctor and other members of the team – a counsellor and a chaplain. “They gave me the confidence to believe I could get better” Although Alison’s has had times when her ME has come back, she has been better able to cope. The ME Trust has given her the tools to understand and manage her illness and the support of a team of people who understand ME. “They look at you as a whole person and tailor the treatment to meet your needs. There is no other charity which helps you like the ME Trust – you have nothing to lose!”

Alison, on the right, helping to raise funds for The ME Trust at her golf club’s Captain’s Day

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