Jessica was diagnosed with ME at the age of 14. She has endured pain, exhaustion, muscle and joint pain, poor concentration and headaches. She says, ‘I have spent almost a decade in bed, there have been times when I couldn’t move…’ For two years she had to be fed through a tube and for 18 months she was unable to speak. She was so sensitive to light and noise that she had to wear sunglasses and ear protectors.

She says ‘ I’ve always believed I will get better and be able to walk again but I couldn’t imagine the feeling of walking or remember what it was like to move. Walking was a dream come true. As I stood up I realised I had grown by four inches.’

Jessica is a former netball captain and was a happy active teenager before she became ill. She says, ‘Since that moment my life has been an emotional rollercoaster for me and my family. It was a shock for everyone, I had gone from being an outgoing person to not being able to get out of bed’.

Jessica is hopeful that she will continue to improve. ‘I’ve missed out on all my teenage years, that’s the hard part of having this illness, but with this breakthrough, I’m hopeful that one day I’ll lead a normal life again.’

Jessica was fortunate to access life transforming care and support at Burrswood, and The ME Trust was privileged to support her. She is now home again, living with her parents and sister.

‘I heard of many miracle stories whereby people walk again, but I never thought it would happen it me. I’m so thankful for the support I have had, and proud of myself for all the hard work I put in to make my dream a reality.’

Jessica says The ME Trust is about giving people like her the opportunity to change their lives. ‘I stood up for the first time in 8 years with The M.E. Trust’s help. Thank you so much.’

Jessica in bed
Jessica standing

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