I have been unwell since 2006. I was bed bound for months at a time and eventually in 2010 became completely bed bound.

Life is very challenging. I need care constantly and cannot do simple tasks such as washing or toileting without help.

I cannot sit up for more than a minute and spend virtually all day and night laying down.

It has limited my life in every way and every thing.

The exhaustion and weakness make the little things, like texting a friend, a challenge.

I have to spend a large portion of my day resting and doing nothing if I want to get to the end of a day without becoming very feverish, which leads to me feeling like I am ‘not really here’.

The ME Trust support has enabled me to have respite care at Burrswood – and it has been a lifeline. A chance to leave the pressures and burdens of coping with the illness at home and breathe a bit more freely. Having specialist medical input and care has helped improve my quality of life. I have had a lot of help put into place that I didn’t even realise I needed.

The respite care has not only helped me physically but it really helped me emotionally. It strengthened me and equipped me in a new way for my challenges at home.

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