Kareen’s story of hope after 18 years of struggle

“I had been bedbound at home with ME/CFS for 18 years. After pleading with my doctor for hospital care, I was told there was nothing available to help me. Then a friend gave me a magazine article about Hannah Clifton and her recovery from ME. I immediately thought, ‘I want that!’

My husband hired a car that would fit a mattress in the back and we drove the long 7-hour journey to Burrswood Hospital.

Meeting Hannah was an emotional experience for me. She came to my room just after I’d managed to walk along the corridor for the first time – a huge milestone for me. We cried tears of joy in each others arms. Hannah’s story has continued to inspire me and she has kept in touch and encouraged me. Dr Paul Worthley has always been helpful, taking time to listen and understand.

Miraculously, the NHS approved a 5 week stay in Burrswood!

During my stay I also rediscovered my spiritual side. I found a renewed hope and a desire for life which had been ebbing away in all those years of suffering. I went on to have the best summer ever and enjoyed outings for the first time in many years.

It is still a challenging journey, but my mindset has changed and I feel a real sense of possibility, hope and, faith. I continue to spend a lot the time in bed, but my quality of life and my faith (often with a struggle) have strengthened enormously.”

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