Power of 10 challenge

Our administrator, Helen, finished her Power of 10 challenge on M.E. Awareness Day. She had challenged herself to 10k steps for 10 days and managed a total of 127,604 steps over the 10 days raising an amazing total of £576.26 including Gift Aid!

“I had to walk a couple of laps of the kitchen late at night on a few of the days just to get the last 100 or so steps in! The challenge made me realise how easy it is to take the simple act of popping your trainers on and going for a walk for granted … something just not possible for so many people suffering with M.E.”

Helen’s fundraising page will stay open for a bit longer if you’d like to help get her up to a nice round £600!

Well done Helen!

Our Power of 10 challenge is open for participation all year long, if you want to take part, please click here for more information.