Support two of our Trustees raising money for ME Awareness Day!

Music and the spoken word – the ways in which two of our wonderful trustees are helping to raise funds for the ME Trust during #MEAwarenessweek

Today, on ME Awareness Day, Caroline Kingdon will start reading (out loud) – a marathon from an armchair in these lockdown times – and will continue as long as her voice (and the tea) holds out.

For more information and to donate, visit her page here:

On Friday, Colin Paine will be taking part in an 8-hour annoying song marathon. Leading the way in the song choice votes is Crazy Frog, which apparently is 2 mins 40 secs long, meaning he’ll have to listen to it 180 times!

You can find out more and place your own vote by visiting his page here:

Thank you Caroline and Colin.

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